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Z words

A Child's Language...

Sentences are streaming out in the right order now.
But here is a running log of the more "wacky" words blooming from Zo's mouth...

Say Whahhh?

Zo @ 42 months (3.5yrs):
"Look mama, I'm a vegetarian because I'm eating my vegetables" (pops in a broccoli)

"Mama, you don't eat chicken because you are vegeetarian.  That means you EAT TREES (素)!"

"These are puffy crackers so it means if you eat too much, it will make your tummy puffy and hurt..." (After eating a small bag of Cheeto Puffs.)

"Oh I know!  That's the boat DOCTOR!" 
(After seeing some boats lifted up in a shed, and me telling him they need repairs.)

"Mama, 勇敢 (so brave)!  You can pick a sticker now." (Post DR appointment)

"Or you can TALK it STUNK."  
(After seeing a Racoon photo...he means "Call it Skunk.")

"小松鼠 means Puffy-Puffy Squirrel, Daddy!"
"Mama, I really really NEED you to read me a book!"

Zo @41 months:
"Let's go to the Kite Vegetable!" (Festival)

"Our mommy is so nice right Zo?" (Asked Daddy)
"Yes, dalee she is SO nice to us.....(Pause)..but sometimes she's not."
"Oh really, why Zo?"
"Because sometimes I don't listen but I try again so she's nice again."

"WOOOWWWW.  That's so beautiful!!"  (After seen a meal plate placed infront of him)

"That's SOUNDS like she's sleeping!"  (He says "sounds like" instead of "Looks like.")

"Why are you not listening today Zo?"
"Because my ears ran out of batteries, mama!"

"Are you a girl Zo?"  
"No,no.  I'm just a boy in a costume"  
(I asked him after he put on his favorite white snowflake tutu.)

"Why it's not stopping?  Maybe I need to PAUSE it."  
(Talking about the Stadium of Fire clip of 4th of July fireworks.)

"That's Matisse!" (After seeing a Henri Matisse print at Studio Grow - The naked men in a circle)

"After Grandpa Ric comes back from DIVING in the water, he'll get my dinosaur card right?"
(Drawing 3 cards to send to grandma & Hannah...he heard me say "died" before about Grandpa.)

"Why are you crying mama?"
"Because grandma is not coming."
"Because Evan is sick."
(Short pause to think)
"Oh I know.  We just wait until he's all better, THEN he comes, ok mama?  It's ok."  (Patting me)

Zo @ 40 months:
"I need to bring my Holga (Camera) to take pictures."

"The cloud is closing (covering) the sun ALL UP so it's not alot of bright to burn the car! 


"I save my peepee for later, not now" (When asked if he needed to go.)

"I will QUICKA-LEE hide, ok mama?" (Playing hide and go seek)

"Thank you for cooking for me!"

"I LOVE you mama!"

"Grandpa Ric DIVED into the water?" (Trying to understand when I said he "died.")

Zo @ 39 months:
"That's not noodles!  You got me big french fries!" (Breadsticks).

"This is a SPICY cookie."  (Ginger Snaps)

"My shoe band is open!"  (Velcro)

"Mama, I like some Melty Green Oatmeal! (Multi Grain)

"That's O for OWLS!"

"That's N for STUNKS."

"My favorite color is E for Elephant."

"My favorite word is color!"

"Is that a MOOOSEtash?"  (Making a milk mustache.)

Zo @ 38 months:
"ALONE means by yourself and nobody is coming to play."

(Puts 2 hands over ears = Smaller)
(1 hand over ears = medium)
(no hand over ears = louder)
*Playing with volume when daddy is blending smoothies.

"I need sleep now, so I need Suck Thumb."  (Trying to find an excuse to suck thumb during daytime.)

Zo @ 37 months:
"Zo, 肚子?" (While on the potty.)


"The sky is SO HIGH up into the world!"

"Mama, what you talking about?"

Zo @ 36 months (3yrs):

"OK mama, I need my lollipop now." Post-shot on right thigh, no crying for Zo at the DR today.  
"All done mama, I throw away."  10 licks later, then he tosses into a nearby trashcan.

"Am I excused mama?" (Post meals)

Zo @ 35 months:
"If I eat candy, I will be liddle (little), if I eat rice, I will be BIG!"

"I want to see your friend CALLS Aaron, daddy." 
(You mean your uncle Aaron?  "Yeah, he CALLS Aaron...")

"I go to the store shopping WORK, ok?"
(He's going shopping, which is "work", since daddy goes out for work)

Zo @ 34 months:
"Me: Wow Enzo, you finished your lunch, you're number 1!  Enzo: No mama, I'm 2 and a HALF."

"When I grow DOWN, I will be a little baby!"  Me:  And when you grow UP, you'll be a big boy?"

"What do you saying?"   

Zo @ 33 months:
"I love the HIPO-PA-MA-MUS!"

"I'm scared of Alex in Wonderful, mama!"  
(You mean Alice in Wonderland?  Zo:  Yeah, Alex in Wonderful.)

Zo @ 32 months: 
"I'm sad mama... "Why Enzo?" Because I'm SMALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!"

"I'm sad you didn't take your nap today Enzo" It's ok mama, do you need some "quiet time" in your bed? You can come out when you feel happy again, OK?? (Takes me by the hand and tucks me into bed for my QT.)

"He's not sharing with his friend, mommy, dat's bad manners!"

"He's not listening to his mama, dat's bad manners, I can listen to my mama, right?"

"I go in the roaring rockets to be an AH-TRA-NUT, and I take mama & daddy with me ok?  You sit in the back and I drive the rocket away in the sky, ok?"

Zo @ 31 months:
"Hey, stop screaming guys, I'm scary!  You need sharing, OK?  Daddy, you just drive.  Stop talking, OK?"
(Zo's backseat commentary during an in-car argument his parents were having...WOW.)
(Yes, we stopped bickering..INSTANTLY, and started to die laughing.)

"MAYBE show you, just one more minute..."
(Let me show you, wait one minute.)

Zo @ 30 months:
"Ohhh!  Can I play some PA-NA-NOS, Mama?"

"You have some monkey CHA-BA-MAS!"
(monkey PAJAMAS!)

"What's you talking to me?"
(What are you saying?)

"What that one how to do it?"
(How does this work?)

"Who you talking this one?"
(Who are you speaking to?)

"I want Bear Socks, mama, no, Bear Toes, like daddy said!"
"You mean daddy said, BARE FEET?"...."Yeah!"
(Zo not wanting to wear socks.)

"Can I have some CocoNut milk?"
(Meaning "Almond" milk since it's a Nut.)

"That's a big orange BOX!"  
"You mean FOX?"  "No, BOX mama, Box!"

"Wowww...that's a scary AL-GA-LATER!"

"Are you sick, mama?  It's ok, mama (patting me), daddy come back from work...tomorrow, ok?"
(tomorrow = later) 

"Do you need to go potty, Enzo?"
"No mama, not today."
(today = now)

"Are you washing eat-bowls?"
(Are you doing dishes?)

"Where is my home go?"
(Where is my house?)

"Paper TOWEL?  I'm Paper ENZO!"
(Cracking a joke with his name since he thought we were joking by putting the words "paper" & "towel" together...)