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Z tools

A Child's Work Tools...

Ever wake up in the morning to find your child pouring cereal into different containers?  All your pots are spread out and he's trying to stack or nest them?  Or a friend found her daughter scooping sugar into a baby bottle...  

Instead of buying a new toy from the store, the home is a natural toy shop with all sorts of fascinating games!  Follow her lead and plan a new "tool" (or home toy) to help expand her natural interest in transferring materials from one container to another.  In our case, Zozie constantly wanted to pour his own drinks, so I planned the "Pouring Jugs" exercise to help facilitate his curiosity.  All other tools came about in the same way.

Tool Design:
1)  Watching your child & his actions.
2)  Design a work tool to compliment his natural actions. 

If you do it in reverse, chances are, they won't be into it.
And if you are not watching & observing, you won't really know what tools to create.

The Montessori recommendation is to present a new tool for learning only as a child is ready for it.  They are "ready" when they are doing a coarse version of a particular skill on their own.  These various tools are designed to allow a child to practice and master something that he finds natural interest in, given his developmental level.  

Remember, it's all child-driven, with the teacher observing and guiding.
Tools are stored individually on a wooden tray with handles and rotated out depending on the interest of the child.  

Below are some "Practical Life" tools I've come up with at home.
These mimic some classic presentations in a Montessori preschool.  

Activity Mats:  The start & end of any presentation

**Click on any titles below to go to the presentation post** 

Egg Slicer

To Do List

Clothes Hanging

Dropper Set

Nesting Tower

Rice Pouring

Fabric Sorting

Pouring Jugs:  Grip, Aim, & Hand Control

Old Shoe:  Lacing
Rainbow Box:  Color Sorting

Jar Caps:  Matching & Twisting

Water Fountain

Egg Cracking
Pin Sorting

Sorting Plate:  Matching Textures & Colors

Cutting Tool
Pinch Tool
Pom Pom Tongs

Spoon Scoop Sorting

Clip Nest
Counters & Numbers

Blue Fish

Herb Gardening

Threading Shapes

Clean Bucket

Cutting Banana

Threading Beads:  Hand Eye Coordination & Sorting

Thongs Transfer:  Pre-Chopsticks Skills, Pencil Grip
Matching Caps:  Twist & Cap Functions

Fabric Matching:  Textures & Colors

Nesting Cups:  Size Differentiation
Cutting:  Grip & Slice Motion