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U Bike. We Bike! (微笑單車)

With hubby on his way home today, we are officially switching now into "Local Mode" as a single mom with two.

My Mission?
To figure out how to move about this bustling city with 2 little ones in tow...WITHOUT taking a taxi or Uber.  We got the MRT down.  Now onto the local streets, planning ahead for daily drop off at the kiddo's various summer camps.  Nothing like getting to know the local streets on two wheels!

Yes, please.

I learned how awesomely convenient this bike rental system is:
  • Register your EASY CARD
  • Select your station (Click Map)
  • Select your bike (double checking tires and all parts)
  • Scan card
  • Pull out bike from stall
  • You are now riding your own Orange Smiley Bike
At $5 Yuan for the first 30mins, I can get almost anywhere for only 15cents!! 
The bargain diva in me is in heaven. 

For Zozie, we packed a light weight Razor to race along side me, easy enough.

But for the crucial part, how do I ride with my tiny girl too?  In my long research, I could not find any info on renting something to also carry a toddler.  It would have to be simple, quick on and off, and fit a public share bike such as our smiling tangerine friend.

Then I came across this magical wonder...the TYKE TOTER.

At around $99, weighing only a few pounds, it seemed to fit the bill.  Having shoved it into our luggage from the US, we finally took it out for a test run today...

Happy Trio!

Dedicated bike lanes.
Omi LOVES it.
We got lots of compliments and purchase inquiries on this fun little tyke seat... happens to also be orange so it matches the uBike perfectly! 
(Accidental awesomeness). 

At the uBike station today, we also saw families with older kids (like Zo) hop on the back wheel cap using the attached "foot rests" on the rear wheel!  Tho we have not tried this ourselves, we could potentially start our own family clown bike stunt act with this move...toddler in front and big kid in back.  Good to keep in mind should you have a multi-child need in a pinch!

We are now comfortable CRUIZING....with wind in our hair.
(or slightly plastered with sweat in 90degree + weather)
BUT...that just adds to us feeling like real locals.

Mission accomplished.