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Z day

A Child's Work Day...

Usually a 1-2 hr "work" session is enough to allow a child to really get into an activity.  It's nice to give them a good chunk of time without breaking their focus or concentration.  Often times, if they are highly interested in a skill, they tend to repeat an activity over and over in order to master it on their own.  

Work sessions are directed by the child and his interests.
You can ask what they want to work on today, have a new tool presentation, or have a planned project to propose.  
Example:  Let's be a bakery and make some cupcakes today!  
Skills:  Beating (Egg), mixing, pouring, measuring, scooping, cleaning, WAITING, decorating, and eating!

Our Snapshot...
Homeschool mornings, 3x a week.
Mandarin Playgroup:  2x a week.
Group Activity:  (Swim, Gym, Soccer) 2-3x a week.
Gardening/Nature hikes, 1-2x a week.
Live Animals, 1-2x a week.

Basic Weekly Schedule:

Mon:    Homeschool, Gardening/Nature
Tues:    Mandarin Playgroup, Group Activity
Weds:   Homeschool,  Zoo or Little Farm
Thurs:   Mandarin Playgroup, Gymnastics
Fri:        Homeschool, Swimming 

This is all very flexible. 
Life happens, and we change accordingly.
The "Practical Life" routines are ongoing daily.