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The Slicer!

Presentation:  Egg Slicing.

We learned how to Crack em' already.  
And now...we Slice em'!
Eggs are amazing things.  It's one food that offers endless teaching opportunities.  That fragile shell:  You can crack it, peal it, paint it, dye it.  Its existence in different forms:  You can boil it, beat it, slice it, mold it.  The malleability of it is incredible.  It truly is a fabulous Wonder Tool!

I picked up an egg slicer a few weeks back at a garage sale for 50 cents.  A new way to mess with eggs, gotta have it.  I've never used one before this but it seemed an obvious Montessori tool the second I saw it.
Continuing on the road to self reliance, little gadgets often add to Zozie's repertoire of skills in the kitchen.

Learn to slice eggs with an egg slicer

The Set Up
1)  Egg Slicer
2)  Small Plate (2)
3)  Napkin
4)  Hard boiled Egg(s)

1)  Take a hard-boiled egg and crack on the edge of a plate
2)  Rotate the egg until it is evenly soften for peeling
3)  Start the peeling process and place shells onto one plate
4)  Continue until shells are gone then wipe hands on napkin to remove extra chips
5)  Place the egg on the slicer horizontally (The yolk stays in more)
6)  Hold the slicer bottom half down with left hand
7)  Gently with the right hand, bring the wire slicer down onto the egg, slowly.
8)  Push down all the way until it clears the egg.
9)  Remove the egg gently and place on the serving plate, serve.
10)  Repeat if the child wants to try another egg

This has been an exciting part of serving eggs for Zozie.  He'll sometimes "splay" the slices to present it like a flower afterwards.  The cool-factor of working with something that you can then EAT is still a big hit for a toddler.  So from boiling, to cracking, to peeling, to slicing, to serving, it's a complete work cycle that he can see from beginning to end, and best of all, participate in himself.  
Another chip in the O'Independence jar, CHING!

A little slice of our slicer:

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