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Beanie: Abstracted

2 Days old.
Loving all the juicy bits of this little lady.


  1. Hi Julie,

    Congratulations! Beanie is very lovely. It's amazing to see the newborn baby photos which recalls my memories of labouring and feeding my son who's now 2 years old.

    Your photos give me a sudden impulse to have my second child. .. haha.

    May Jesus' love dwells in your family!


    1. Thanks Isabella:) I say, go forth and procreate! a 3 year spread is perfect for siblings!

  2. You do realize you gave birth to a three month old. She is adorable and looks SO much older than 2 days. Her little mouth and upper lip remind me so much of DaLee and it is so amazing how identical her feet are to yours! Bits and peices of You, Dalee and Zozie! And of course, beanie:)

  3. Hahaaa...you always crack me up Bek! The midwife said she's like a "C-section baby" since she came out SO fast & perfect with a round head and wasn't so beat up from a long delivery. Beanie is also 40weeks ripe to the day! She's does look pretty big, especially in photos with out an adult scale reference, right? A few friends have been surprised at how tiny she is tho in person for the same reason:) Hope Beanie can see Aunt Bekah in person soon!